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By Crispina ffrench

When you spell out just exactly what you are looking for in life, the Universe has a funny way of making it available to you…

When we are talking about building a business that supports your ideal lifestyle it is pretty important to know just exactly what that means to you.

We are getting pretty amped-up for Rags To Riches Textile Upcycling Summit around the studio.  The goal of the summit is to provide high-value content to all those involved - the kind of content that will help remove obstacles keeping you from realizing the dream of a business that not only supports the environment, but one that allows you to relax a little, take a break when you want to, and feel comfortable with savings and your financial obligations - you know, an Ideal Business that supports that elusive Ideal Life.

Did you know that this is totally possible?

It is.

The FIRST thing to do is identify what you are shooting for.  It can feel like a monumental task.  The trick is to just get started, make it doable.  It is easy and a whole lot of fun to identify what is most important to you and dream-up how you want to spend your workdays.  Perfection is really not what we are going for here.  Remember you can revisit this exercise whenever you want.  

Here is a worksheet so you can more easily Map Your Ideal Life/Business.  I cannot wait to hear about what you come up with...  let your imagination run a little and just write stream of consciousness responses to each.  This worksheet is intended to be fun and easy and completed in just over an hour.  Let me know how it works for you in the comments below - your feedback adds value to the content here.  


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