Wardrobe Revolution Life

By Crispina ffrench

Have you heard about Selvedge Magazine’s Wardrobe Revolution Weekend? 

Let me back up a sec….Have you heard about Selvedge Magazine?  

Can we just rejoice at the beauty and education provided with well written textile-centric articles that fill each issue? Oh and bursting with the most magical eye-candy…

If you know you know

The Selvedge website is cool but honestly, to hold an issue in your hands… the touch of the paper provides a portal into something impossible to access from a screen.  

Splurge on a paper subscription if you can.

So this awesome publication, that is Selvedge, is hosting a weekend long deep dive into the revolution that is happening in our wardrobes.  It is called Wardrobe Revolution Weekend.   There are workshops, presentations, and a general gathering of like-minded textile-centric creatives (all online) to support, share knowledge and soak in the burgeoning shift toward meaning in what we are choosing to wear.

You can learn more about what is being offered during the weekend of October 8 and 9, 2022 here.  Register for my segment on Saturday, October 8th here.  Excited to share the (virtual) stage with the likes of Rebecca Burgess of Fibershed, and Tierney Thys of Around The World in 80 Fabrics among others and learn more about all their work.

There are so many aspects of presenting that I love.  Digging through my textile upcycling history to curate my Wardrobe Revolution Weekend presentation, gave me pause.  A chance to remember all the help and inspiration along the way… and the hurdles.  Mentors, customers, employees, colleagues, friends, therapists, partners, kids.... the memories fill me up with gratitude and a renewed sense of place in this arena.

Those hurdles taught me just as much as the sweet downhill slides into the magical places I have landed.  Join me on October 8th to hear more about the hurdles and slides and submerge yourself in knowing that you are part of our environmental solution.

Do you have a favorite publication?  Do know Selvedge?  Leave a comment and share.

top image is Crispina Designs, Inc. NY International Gift Show booth c. 2002     bottom image is me crawling through a kids playhouse wearing my very first recycled sweater sweater c. 1993

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