As we twirl into 2022 my focus is on helping build or grow your creative textile up-cycling business. That really rocks my world, helping others reuse textiles by building healthy, financially viable, creative fun businesses that nurture the planet too.

In case you were wondering, you can rest assured that it is totally possible to build your very own environmentally kind, textile-centric entrepreneurial business that supports and nurtures your ideal lifestyle (and the planet). I am not going to lie, it takes commitment, passion, and focus. All worth it cause the rewards are life-changing, even world changing actually…

If you have been at this a while, you’ve likely heard the ‘Rags to Riches’ correlation when others are talking about your business. It was not that long ago that I found myself feeling kinda miffed by this seemingly trite description of my hardworking life – Rags for sure, but RICHES? When, oh when, were all my years of long hours of hard work going to pay off?

It was 2019 when it became clear to me that a fresh perspective, and updated mindset was in order. Thoughts rolling through my consciousness included:

· There MUST be a way I can work less and make a better living – right?

· How can I change the fact that I have been working my ASS off for over 30 years and my corporate-employed peers are reaping financial gains that I only dream about?

· What can I change in my view, perspective or mindset that will help change things for the better – you know, how can I make more money?


· How can I set myself up for success, feel confident in a future of abundance and manifest the life of my dreams?

Even with international press recognition, awards, honors, and big-name collaborations, my creative secondhand clothing and manufacturers’ textile waste up-cycling business was falling short. Our home was unfinished, mortgage, tuition and car payments were often late or a real s-t-r-e-t-c-h causing other obligations to go unpaid. Overdraft charges piled up, credit cards got maxed out… my head was going to pop off!

Can you relate?

Just as I was nearing the edge of the abyss of despair, a simple practice materialized that has enabled me to attain goals, build momentum, an audience and revenue while spending less time working and more time relaxing and enjoying life with my kids, hubby and friends.

If you are ready to grab 2022 by the horns and make the changes needed to make your textile upcycling business support your ideal life, keep reading…

Shifting into a business and life that supports your ideal can be a small tweak that results in big change, and healthy impact. I put together a simple practice that keeps the guardrails up and me on track. You can get started with these simple, easy to carry out and super useful tools… are you ready?

Try these 3 Life Planning Tools to help get the results you desire:

· Envision your future – like really picture it and then ‘Braindump’ details about every aspect of your desired life. Don’t hold back, be extravagant, dream your wildest dreams and write it all down – in detail.

· Revise and organize your ‘Braindump’ and make a vision board

· Set monthly milestones for the year, evaluate each month and reassess – be focused, flexible and kind to yourself

Now that you have decided to take your textile up-cycling to a fresh level of awesome, you are halfway there. This is the BEST time of year to dive deep into what really rocks your world, get crystal clear on what brings joy and plan a whole lot of THAT into the coming new year.

In the comments below, share something you want to build into your 2022 – be specific and detailed.

If you want more on this subject, and a whole lot of creative textile up-cycling props be sure to hop on my email list.

Let’s Twirl into the most magical year yet – together we are making global shift happen in the world of textile consumption and recovery. Happy New Year…

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Rags To Riches = Dream Come True

Rags To Riches = Dream Come True

Your Ideal Life/Business

Your Ideal Life/Business

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