Tuesday’s Textile Alchemy Live With Crispina ffrench

Textile Alchemy

By Crispina ffrench

Join Crispina ffrench, OG clothing recycler, on Tuesdays at 11am NYC time for 20 minutes of creativity to reduce textile waste, build community and have fun – all at once. On LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Recordings are posted on Ragtimes, the Crispina ffrench blog on Wednesday mornings at www.Crispina.eco Today, August 23 we have a very special guest joining us to talk about our new format in Stitcherhood Studio Hour. Kathleen Tesnakis of ekologic shares her passion and path upcycling used clothing. She and her hubby Charlie have built and refined a gorgeous fashion business for over 25 years. Join us to learn more about Kathleen’s Studio Hour feature and how you can join that too.SHOW LESS


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Learn more about supporting textile upcycling with a collaborative fundraiser, Stitch-a-Long 3.0