Tuesdays Textile Alchemy Live with Crispina

Textile Alchemy

By Crispina ffrench

Join me, Crispina ffrench, OG clothing recycler, on Tuesdays at 11am EST for 20 minutes on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. This whole week I’ll be livestreaming right hear each day sharing about Rags To Riches Virtual Textile Upcycling Event. Why is it important to work in this arena? Why is it important to clearly understand your value as a textile upcycling entrepreneur? Rags to Riches is a gathering of thinkers, makers, and gamechangers working in the textile upcycling arena – making global shift a reality. Learn and share about all things related to building a textile upcycling enterprise so that you can support the planet and your ideal lifestyle. Together we can have fun, make money AND live the dream…


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Learn more about supporting textile upcycling with a collaborative fundraiser, Stitch-a-Long 3.0