Summer Blankets for Sale July 17th at 8pm

By Crispina ffrench

You can find me back in my sewing studio dreaming up new designs and construction techniques combined with the tried-and-true picnic blankets that have been a summer staple from me for a couple decades.  People just love ‘em (myself included!).  

Crispina Coverlet as Picnic Blanket

It is lovely to be making with my hands and in flowstate - sure has been a while.  

Did someone say she  gonna stop making product to sell??  Ha!  Musta been my evil twin.  

My sewing machine is calling to me, but before I dash, just wanted to let you know how to get ahold of one of these 100% upcycled beauties.  

This year's collection of summer blankets will be for sale online on Monday evening  July 17th at 8pm EST.  

Come hang out with me livestreaming from my studio, bring a frosty drink and be the first to see what is coming together in the sewing studio. You can join me via livestream on my YouTube, Instagram and Facebook feeds.  If you are on my email list you will get a reminder.  

Time-tested CRISPINA picnic blankets made from upcycled work pants (a Berkshire summer staple); Experimental and new style summer bed size coverlets, AND if I get to it, there is a surprise in the works (soon to be your FAVORITE summer garment….)

Ready to ship pieces as well as made-for-you options will be available for purchase.  If you are more of a maker than a shopper, sign up for my online Summer Blanket Class on July 20th 4-6pm EDT.  Both the shop drop on the 13th and the workshop on the 20th can be downloaded to your personal calendar directly from our new Events Calendar!

Oh, and while I gotcha, could you let me know in the comments what size bed you'd buy a coverlet for?Thanks!!

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