Studio Hour

If you have been around a minute you know that my superpower is connecting people.  Additionally, there is nothing I love more than putting experts in front of audiences ready to soak up their expertise.  It is especially rewarding, for all involved, to pair experts with an appreciative audience poised to gain strides by implementing new knowledge....  

With that said, let me introduce you to Stitcherhood’s Co-Hosted Studio-Hours.  

Once or twice a month I co-host an hour-long live zoom session with an expert in Stitcherhood (the online community for textile upcycling entrepreneurs).  Co-hosts posses valuable knowledge to share enabling an up-leveling in your textile upcycling enterprise.  Co-hosts range from inspirational textile upcycling entrepreneurs, suppliers, and influencers to veteran business professionals with knowledge that pertains to our shared goal of addressing textile waste by building truly sustainable creative textile upcycling businesses.

Studio Hours are typically held on Wednesday evenings via Zoom beginning at 5:15pm EST.  We begin promptly and dive right into co-host specific subject matter.  Attendees are encouraged to participate in the conversation as well as the Q&A segment at the wrap up of each session.

Co-hosts have provided super interesting and valuable Studio Hour content for more than a year deeming these sessions a Stitcherhood favorite! It is a pleasure to have the ability to share these informative, interactive and engaging meetings with the public. Co-hosts are able to invite their people, I get to share my guests, and Stitcherhood with a larger audience so, GOOD NEWS!

Co-Hosted Studio Hours are now open to all, not just members of Stitcherhood.  Whether you are a Stitcherhood member or someone who would just like to check out a particular co-host, you can join the conversation.  

This is how it works:

  • If you are a Stitcherhood member, watch our community activities feed and events’ calendar announcing upcoming co-hosts. 
  • Events are posted at and shared in our weekly Sunday morning email (get on that list here).
  • Reserve your 'spot’ by following the pay link in the events description (Members $9/Non-Members $20)
  • Our Stitcherhood Collaborator membership includes FREE access to all events. Collaborators, all you have to do is RSVP right in Stitcherhood to receive your Studio Hour link.
  • Co-Hosted Studio Hour recordings are posted in the Stitcherhood Collaborator portal and emailed to all ticketed attendees.
Learn who will be co-hosting our upcoming Studio Hour live zoom sessions right here.  Reserve your spot and join the conversation….  

What is your biggest struggle?  Leave a comment with the most pressing concept you would like discussed to up-level your textile upcycling.    

If you or someone you know should be featured on a Studio Hour, let us know here.  

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