Rags to riches

Speaker Spotlight – Queen Of Raw

I first heard of Stephanie Benedetto and her business Queen of Raw on a podcast and was taken by her work and business model first, then surprised and refreshed by her authentic approachable vibe that’s backed with some pretty amazing life experience.  

Her bio says that she’s a corporate attorney turned fintech entrepreneur (YIKES! What does that even mean??)  I looked it up - financial technology.  

Apparently fintech allows for fast paced encrypted transactions to take place in non-traditional settings using blockchain data and AI.  Yup.  All of that it over my head.   Are you like me and eager to learn more about fintech and then how that fits with Stephanie's environmental mission? 


Corporate Attorney?  This girl is a powerhouse.

In my (proverbial) book, Stephanie is the Queen of Raw - a fabric salvaging/selling genius with a history in the schmata trade.  If my memory serves me her grandpa was in the business before her.

It is clear that my view is of just one of many facets of Stephanie Benedetto’s work.  This is what she shared as her bio:

'She is a Corporate attorney turned climate fintech entrepreneur, Stephanie is the Co-Founder of Queen of Raw, no-code enterprise software to intelligently resell and recycle unused inventory on Raw Chain, measure, report, and turn pollution into profit. Prior to starting Queen of Raw, Stephanie worked as a lawyer in the fashion, media/entertainment, start-up, and technology industries and co-founded a sustainable textile manufacturing facility. An advocate for women in business and sustainability, her companies have been featured in NPR, Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Cheddar, WCBS, Fortune, and Entrepreneur. Stephanie is a 2020 Inc. Female Founders 100, NASA/NIKE/IKEA/DELL LAUNCH.org Innovator, a Grand Prize WeWork Creator Awards Winner presented by Ashton Kutcher, a Cartier Women's Initiative Laureate, an MIT Solve - Circular Economy Solver, a thredUP Circular Fashion Fund Recipient, an LVMH Innovation Award Finalist, and an Accenture and World Economic Forum Circulars 2022. She is a Member of Pledge 1% and Founding Member of New York Circular City Initiative and Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network.'

See what I mean?  Powerhouse.  Stephanie will be breaking it all down for us on Day 1 of Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Summit 2022.  I have a feeling we are all going be richer from the experience.   

Do you have questions you would like answered in her presentation?  Leave a comment and we will do our best to include it.  Soooo EXCITED!  


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