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Speaker Spotlight – Denise DiGrigoli

If you look up the word bubbly in the dictionary they really should have a picture of Denise DiGrigoli.  She has a way with bringing all in her presence up to her level of positive within just a few short minutes.  She motivates, encourages, kicks butt AND makes you laugh...

Our paths have crossed in the most magical of ways for the many years we have shared. When thinking about best ways to add energy-boosting fun into our time together at Rags To Riches Textile 

Upcycling Summit, Denise was my go-to. Five minutes laster my phone rang.  It was Denise.  We hadn’t spoken in a year or so. I think the thing we might love the most about our relationship is our shared awareness of the fact that The Universe provides - you know, pronoia - the firm belief that the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings.

Here is Denise's bio:

ABOUT Denise

 Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker | Growth Catalyst | Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Life Strategist | Motivationist | Consultant 

🏆Best life/business begins with your intuition, your VIBE 🪄and your DRIVE 🏁

💫High vibe, high energy, purpose-driven maven offering insights and strategies for like-minded people who can do it for others but need a fresh perspective for themselves.

An expert in creativity, intuition, and entrepreneurship, Denise DiGrigoli,  founded The Daily Drive with Denise with the mission of helping people harness and use their innate intuition to problem solve and achieve high goals.   Her work has helped many demystify intuition and illustrate its viable uses in the fields of business, and personal growth.  

If we are moving forward, what are we doing? 

Denise has a remarkable knack in top-level observational awareness, sensitivity and empathy, that give her intuitive guidance sessions and workshops, depth beyond what can be anything but typical.  Denise offers valuable insights with strategies for people to foster and create positive change, or the movement needed to help improve outcomes for all involved.

DiGrigoli has guided people to use their intellect, creativity, and perceptions in productive and successful ways, including artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and business executives to help them realize their goals while creating a growth mindset.


🔥Multi-passionate Entrepreneur : www.DeniseDiGrigoli.com

💡Founder of Drive Media Consulting : www.DriveMediaandconsulting.com

Purposely designed business strategies for authentic engagement, and communication that shares value and drives revenue, growth and culture. From start-ups to revamps 👑

Passion Work: www.TheDailyDrivewithDenise.com

🌈 💡🚀Creator of The Daily Drive method, a signature journaling method that raises your energetic vibration, fosters growth mindset, creativity, intuition and clarity.  

The Daily Drive with Denise, extends as a personal growth company that gives people, students, creators, creatives, & entrepreneurs inspiration and tools to design/ live their best lives.

✍🏼Author of My Daily Drive, an Agenda for Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Lifestyle

See what I mean?  This girl has got the motivating, positive-energy goods and she is going to share them with us!  Denise will be hosting daily10-minute energy-boost sessions with us.  I have a feeling we will walk away with a fresh sense of creativity and tools to attain our goals. You ready?  

Scroll down and leave any questions for Denise in the comments below.  Learn more about Rags To Riches Textile Upcycling Summit.  Donate to our scholarship fund. Apply for a scholarship by emailing Hello@Crispina.eco with SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line.


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