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Speaker Spotlight – Clotheshorse Podcast

Over in our online community for textile upcycling entrepreneurs called Stitcherhood we frequently post 'Professional Profiles' where I get to interview movers and shakers in or related to the the textile upcycling industry.  This is how I first met Amanda McCarty, the producer and curator of Clotheshorse Podcast.  Sondra our community manager (of Stithcherhood), a podcast aficionado, turned me on to Clotheshorse and host Amanda McCarty.  Amanda has a super cool spin on the world of fast fashion, greenwashing and the alternatives available to us.  

Having worked in fast fashion in all manner of capacities, she has an insider view of the detriment caused by that industry.  She is eloquent, funny and kind.  When we first chatted our conversation really resonated for me when she dove into the need for us all to be kind, to gently educate with compassion to help those who are unaware of our textile waste crisis understand the predicament.  Amanda and I agree that shaming is never productive, that people want to do the right thing but are often not sure what that is.  Clotheshorse podcast episodes are in-depth discussions reaching far beyond sound-byte snippets and into more meaningful conversation.  Amanda is humble with a wealth of fashion and sustainability knowledge.  This is her bio:

Amanda Lee McCarty is the one-woman operation behind Clotheshorse, a podcast that demystifies the fashion industry.  She wanted to be an art teacher, but somehow ended up with a career in fashion that began as a seasonal part-time sales associate in the fitting rooms at a fast fashion retailer.  With nearly 20 years of experience, in buying, product development, visual merchandising, and merchandise planning, she has watched the rise of fast fashion (and all of its impacts) play out in real time.

If you haven't already, check out Clotheshorse Podcast.  At Rags To Riches we will learn more about how Amanda uses her voice and platform to share all that is right in fashion with a dose of good humor - Don't Give Your Money to Assholes - is her tagline and, well, I love it.   

Do you have questions you would like Amanda to discuss in her Rags To Riches presentation?  Leave a comment and we will do our best to include them.  


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