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textile upcycling podcast with Crispina ffrench

rags to riches textile upcycling podcast ~ episode 12

January 10, 2023

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Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast with Crispina ffrench
Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast with Crispina ffrench

Vintage Sewing Supplies Hiding in a Storage Unit??

Kathryn Swanson is the creative genius behind Swanson's Fabrics in Turner's Falls, MA (and online at www.SwansonsFabrics.com).  In this episode she shares about the business model she is developing with her enterprise. 

Swanson's Fabrics is so much more than a thrift store of fabric, textile tools and equipment.  It is a community based on the home sewer; a no-kill shelter for fiber stashes.  Kathryn shares about how her business thoughtfully transfers ownership of fabrics, notions, and assorted textile tools from our elders and passes them on to sewists and textile creatrixes affordably. Swanson's has a community stash house where members can help sort fabrics and supplies, take classes, and work on their own projects. 

Swanson's is a second-hand textile supply house, built as a space to make re-use textiles available and affordable for anyone interested in the fiber arts AND it is an educational institution of creative prowess. Learn Braided-In Rug making using found fabrics, refine your crochet technique, get aquainted with your sewing machine, and make your own undies.  If that all sounds like it is right up your alley, consider joining The Fabric Arcade, Swanson's online community.

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Kathryn Swanson with some fabric for sale at Swanson's Fabrics at 106 Avenue A in Turners Falls.

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