Rags to Riches 

textile upcycling podcast with Crispina ffrench

rags to riches textile upcycling podcast ~ episode 19

March 6, 2023

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Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast with Crispina ffrench
Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast with Crispina ffrench

Manny Jackson’s Focus on Sustainability of Self and (A)Dressing the World

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"You can't pour from an empty cup!" We're all familiar with the concept, and yet it's such a struggle sometimes for creative entrepreneurs to apply it to ourselves! Especially textile upcyclers, who tend to feel personally responsible for saving the world along with maintaining our businesses and caring for our loved ones. We find ourselves burned out, unfulfilled, and/or overwhelmed while supposedly living the dream.

Manny Jackson, founder and Design Director of Thread Haus Co, understands this all too well. Manny's professional background is a strongly interwoven combination of psychology and fashion. On his journey to help others and make an impact on the world, Manny's strongest lesson has been that he needs to care for himself in order to provide caring service to others.

Thread Haus is a movement that creates sustainable, multipurpose multi-functional apparel and accessories that are gender-neutral and that aim to break down classifications, color lines, and boundaries. The mission is to A_DresstheWorld. And addressing our own needs and goals in a sustainable way is the first step, according to Manny.

In this refreshingly honest and insightful deep-dive, Crispina and Manny dig into why making time for our own mental health and the nurturing of sustainability across our entire lifestyle is crucial to the success of an upcycling business. This conversation taps into the power of getting vulnerable and sharing our human struggles…slowing down and taking time to care for ourselves so that we can sustainably create, operate our businesses, and thrive in a healthy environment while supporting others to do the same.

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