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rags to riches textile upcycling podcast ~ episode 40

August 15, 2023

Community Over Competition in Stitcherhood Member Taught Classes

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Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast with Crispina ffrench
Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast with Crispina ffrench

Community Over Competition in Stitcherhood Member-Taught Classes

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    Register NOW for Sondra's 8/17 class: Sondra's Scarf Kimono Workshop
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    Learn more about Sondra's 8/17 class:  Ragtimes post - Scarf Kimono Stitcherhood Workshop 
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    Join Stitcherhood NOW to save on classes:  Only $17/month or $170/year
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    Catch up on your Rags to Riches Podcast listening: Episode 02 - The Unruffled Creatrix
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    Visit Sondra's online shop:  The Unruffled

In Stitcherhood, we nurture a different kind of online social atmosphere – a wholesome vibe where like-minded people gather to lift each other up and help each other grow. It’s not about being the best, the first, or the most in this group. Stitcherhood members truly value community over competition – and that’s why we are so excited to talk about our recently launched member-taught classes with none other than community manager Sondra Primeaux!

Community Over Competition in Stitcherhood - with Sondra Primeaux of The Unruffled

Sondra, in addition to being the hostess with the mostest, also happens to be teaching our next Stitcherhood class – her Scarf Kimono Workshop on Thursday, August 17. Sondra will be going over exactly how to make one of her most successful clothing products from her textile upcycling business, The Unruffled.

If you have seen Sondra around Stitcherhood or have listened to Episode 02 – The Unruffled Creatrix, you know that she is a talented and accomplished maker who has been in business a long time. She has sewn and sold hundreds of the kimono design she’ll be teaching in her class – and she wants to share her knowledge so that other makers can do it too!

The Unruffled Creatrix - Sondra Primeaux - Community Over Competition in Stitcherhood

That desire to share knowledge and nurture mutual growth is what really sets Stitcherhood apart. In other online spaces, and in other creative industries, entrepreneurs often become locked in toxic cycles of competition. People often steal each other’s ideas and try to undercut one another, thinking this is necessary to succeed.

But in Stitcherhood, we embody one of the core values of the textile upcycling movement – COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION! That is, we know that when one textile upcycling business succeeds, we all win! In addition to the desire to decrease the flow of textiles into landfills…the growth of our “competition” further legitimizes and publicizes what we all do, making it easier to reach and convert more potential customers. 

Introducing THRIVES in Stitcherhood

So YEAH, we want to share our ideas and skills and inspire each other to try new techniques! YEAH we want to see each other’s businesses grow and thrive! We are NOT in competition with one another, we are in community. So come on over to Stitcherhood and learn to make one of Sondra’s most successful designs for yourself – she literally cannot wait to share her Scarf Kimono process with you!!

Check out our Events Calendar for more details about Sondra’s Scarf Kimono Workshop and to subscribe to updates on all our upcoming classes! Anyone can become a student, but Stitcherhood members do enjoy 50% off all classes. So even if you only join Stitcherhood for one month – for $17 – it’s totally worth it to save fifty bucks on the class you want to take. 

Online Scarf Kimono Workshop with Sondra Primeaux

Get comfy and curl up with the Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast with Crispina ffrench – we hope you’re ready to feel inspired, energized, and supported by our Stitcherhood leading ladies!

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