Partnering with Selvedge Magazine

By Crispina ffrench

There is something about the way magazines smell.  
And magazines do smell...

There is something about holding an off-format publication in your hands that connects reader to the content in unusual ways.

Flipping through gorgeously matte images printed on the perfect weight paper... reading well researched and superbly written content in an easy font turns Selvedge Magazine into an experience. 

Image copyright Selvedge Magazine

Selvedge Magazine captures me, pulling me away from the scroll, and into something glorious, slower paced, a focused dive into the magic created by fantastic imagery, and informative content, and the most glorious textiles. 

All images copyright Selvedge Magazine

When I thought about offering Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Summit for FREE this year and bringing in sponsors, the top of my list of well-matched prospects was Selvedge Magazine.  Polly Leonard, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Selvedge Magazine was the first person I reached out to late last year to discuss working together on the summit. 

Her immediate positive response to the idea of partnering was So EXCITING! and just the right dose of momentum needed to make this second annual Rags to Riches Summit come to be.

Polly and I have had the good fortune of getting to know each other as we pair our businesses Selvedge as our lead sponsor, and the Rags to Riches Summit, with a whole new FREE business model.  Her commitment to Selvedge, an internationally renown magazine reflecting on the culture of cloth, AND the most beautiful forum for Global Textiles out there supports global textile workers and heritage. Selvedge honors global textile heritage and history, Selvedge inspires, and documents every aspect of cloth, and cloth making from all over the world.  The magazine is truly a gift to future generations.  

Selvedge featured articles include in depth reporting on indigenous textile heritage, international textile artist profiles, essays on natural dyestuffs, textile techniques, and more, listings of notable international textile museum and gallery shows, book and article recommendations…  even the ads are wonderful.

Cover-to-cover eye candy, rich awareness building content, the paper quality and finish, the unusual format, free give-aways and, yes, the smell.

All glorious...  delicious even.

If one of my inlaid upcycled wool/cashmere blankets was a magazine, it would be Selvedge... the same richness, luminescence, captivation, warmth, and deliciousness

Hosting Rags to Riches Summit and working toward shared goals, with leaders like Polly Leonard, is a big piece of the joy found in creating this annual event.  We really are Better Together.

Rags to Riches Summit is May 17-19,2023.  While the event is FREE, attendees who upgrade to the Golden Thread VIP Success Kit get a year’s digital subscription to Selvedge as one of many awesome BONUSES (collectively worth over $1500).

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