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By Crispina ffrench

With Earthday and Rags To Riches Textile Upcycling Summit right around the corner we are launching a fund-drive for our scholarship program.  

Launching a textile upcycling business doesn't really cost all that much. All that’s really needed to get started is a pair of nice sharp scissors, a needle and thread (or yarn), a modest workspace and a sewing machine is helpful but not necessary. Oh, and some used clothing or fabric scraps.

I have witnessed this creative making process transform people.  The butterfly on our Stitcherhood and Rags to Riches logos represents many things, one being the notable metamorphosis that happens when people become aware of their value and ability to make a business work on their own terms - using textile upcycling as a vehicle to a much better life.

Two years after launching my production company back in 1989, 40 people were helping to make the 100% recycled products we sold to 350 stores all over the world.  Most of my staff were women who worked at home - many, their family’s sole breadwinner.  As the years went by, employees who hadn’t been able to make eye contact - became able - and confident.  Workers who were missing teeth and hadn’t smiled because of it, got their teeth fixed and began to flash their beaming smiles to one another.  Kids had strong, confident and proud role models as their moms learned their worth by making their way with a job that truly supported them and their young families.  Several of these beautiful butterflies went on to start their own businesses.  I count them as friends to this day.

Because this method of making is accessible to even the most vulnerable in our communities our scholarship fund actually does change lives.  Please contribute what you can to our very active mutually beneficial scholarship fund. Mutually beneficial because you can count on your gift lifting someone up and they can count on us to support their first few steps.

Each contribution to the fund is matched 100%.  Apply for financial assistance to attend Rags To Riches by emailing with ‘Scholarship’ in the subject line.

This, right here, this simple act of spreading out the wealth and burden is what the world needs right now.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  (Thanks Rumi)


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