Save The Date ~ Rags To Riches 2023

By Crispina ffrench

Whhhhooo Hoooo!

Rags To Riches Virtual Textile Upcycling Summit held on April 20-22 was simply FANTASTIC.   A decade of dreams, thirty years of industry connections rekindled and months of outreach surrounded and supported by my engaged, intelligent, fun-loving, team made it all work.  I feel so much Gratitude!  

Before the event was over we were already talking about Rags To Riches 2023.

Last month was our first ever virtual summit - a gathering of 20 Industry professionals (see our line-up above) who taught how to grow a textile upcycling business you love that supports the planet and your ideal lifestyle.

We shone bright light on entrepreneurs, manufacturers, suppliers, authors and activists who have developed alternatives to our cultural habit of excessive textile consumption.  

Attendees developed tangible next steps for upleveling their upcycling enterprises while myth-busting limitations, surrounded by awesome people.  

We had yoga and mindset/reset breaks to stretch our minds and bodies in new ways.  There were small-group breakout rooms to connect, discuss, and share.  Virtual presenter booths allowed live Q&A, product purchases, and studio tours with each day’s speakers. Our private Rags To Riches networking group is where ticket holders could gather, connect, share and reflect on the all the richness shared.

If you are committed to addressing our environmental crisis with your creativity and need help building your textile upcycling business to support the planet AND make enough money…

If creating in your textile upcycling studio is definitely your happy place yet the idea of making a meaningful living there is a dream.... And you don’t know where to start.

If you want to be a part of our environmental solution and strive to live gently with an eagerness to network, learn and support... 

You are definitely going to want to put Rags To Riches 2023 on your calendar.  

Save the date: April 12-14, 2023 ~ Rags To Riches Summit. 

And, if you are not already, hop on my email list for updates on Rags To Riches Virtual Textile Upcycling Summit 2023.  Announcements for Early Bird tickets, presenter spotlights and MAYBE a special summit-related event once in a while are part of our plan.

Do you have an ideal presenter for our 2023 Rags To Riches event in mind?   We are always open to your suggestion…  Share your thougths and ideas in the comments below.

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