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VOTING IS NOW CLOSED ~ Stay in touch to learn more about our Stitch-a-Longs

Get Out the VOTE!   Stitch-a-long 3.0 is right around the corner and this one is going to be even more magical than the last. These collaborative fund-raisers are the culmination of a community of stitchers, our teaching team and always wind up being a whole lot more than the sum of its parts.  You can learn the back story here.

Summer 2022 marks our third Stitch-a-Long, and YOU can participate in a bunch of ways.  VOTING is where you are needed right now:  Scroll down and choose your favorite design from the selection our team has put together. Then share your pick in the comments. 

Gee’s Bend Quilter Mary Margaret Pettway, Sondra Primeaux of UnRuffled, and me, Crispina ffrench are team teaching this event and have designed the following options as a team.

1. Flower Garden is the name of this design. Shown on the left as a single quilt square and on the right 4-up.

2. Cone Flower in bright reds, oranges and pinks. Shown on the left as a single quilt square and on the right 4-up.

3. Funflower Sunflower plays on the magic of quilting repeats. Shown on the left as a single quilt square and on the right 4-up.

This is how voting works: 

  1. Pick you FAVORITE design and share in the comments at the bottom of this post.
  2. Participate in our Facebook poll too
  3. Join the fun and cast your Stitcherhood vote - that polling station opens on Monday too
Polls close on Sunday July 17, 2022 at midnight.  On Monday July 18th at 3pm EST we will ANNOUNCE the winning design, and the winning VOTER who gets a FREE spot at the Stitch-a-Long.  Learn all the details about how a Stitch-a-Long works in this blogpost.  Get on the waitlist to be notified when ticket sales open.

Whoop Whoop - I think I have a favorite....  Let's see if that design is the winner.  YOU are a winner.  Scroll down and share your vote in the comments.

  • sunflower sunflower looks to me like it will make a very happy complete quilt.

  • I think I voted, but just in case….my first choice is cone flower, me second choice is flower garden♥️

  • Funflower Sunflower is the winner. This design has potential as a classic, a dramatic interpretation or a scrappy quilt. The blocks are easily resized.

  • I can hardly choose. They are all so beautiful. I will choose Flower Garden, tho. It makes my heart sing

  • Ummm, just noticed that the number given for FunflowerSunflower is #2, when it’s actually the third choice. It was listed with the same # as Coneflower. Looking at comments from other folk made me realize I’d just said #3, when that # is not beside the Sunflower choice.

  • # 1 Flower Garden, because it has 9 elements connected and one heart, the logo that connects all.

  • Yes, I too, vote for #2. All sorts of possibilities buzzing around in my head! Hoping I can join this Stitch-a-Long with you, Crispina. Julia D has been steering me your direction for several years now!

  • no. 2. I like the coneflower design. shaping and colors, call out to me. I love that it is not a symmetrical flower.

  • This is a hard choice! #2. I love that it’s the flower of the Ukraine. Next time #1. I love that one too. Ooh! I just love all of this!!

  • ~Funflower Sunflower~sunflowers symbolize adoration~loyality~longevity~all that this quilt will represent~

  • Funflower Sunflower! It’s the flower of Ukraine and I love how the four squares come together as a whole!

  • I like number one the Flower Garden. It is something very different from what do and presents lots of color/texture design opportunities

  • definitely #3 funflower sunflower! i like how 4 squares are needed to make a whole. Very dynamic.

  • Love them all ….. but if I have to vote for one it’s Funflower/ Sunflower 👏👏👏🥳💕

  • #1 Flower Garden although #3 Funflower Sunflower would be both beautiful and meaningful in shades of blue and gold

  • My daily vote goes to Coneflower, tho I would be thrilled to work on any of these scrumptious designs!

  • 1. Flower Garden, but that was a seriously hard choice because they’re all beautiful!

  • ~Funflower Sunflower~reminds me of coming together~creating community for the common good~

  • I vote for number one, flower garden. They are all beautiful but that one makes my heart soften

  • I’m voting early & often! Lol Each one is beautifully beautiful! I’m voting for coneflower & have my fingers (and toes!) crossed that I am able to participate! (On the waitlist)

  • Oooh they’re all beautiful!! I’m going with #1 flower garden because I’m a sucker for greens and bold floral designs 🙂

  • I love them all! But I will go with the Sunflower. I look forward to adding some depth and texture to the flower.

    • Hey Trisha – thanks so much for sharing your fav! Stay tuned for a fun Zoom on Friday announcing the winning design AND one lucky voter wins FREE participation in the Stitch-a-Long

  • Sunflower Fun Power I like the symbolism of the sunflower one positivity and strength and that a sunflower is one of natures top pollinators!
    The design lends itself to being funky and fun!

  • Oh my! They are all so cute, but I think I like #3, the Funflower Sunflower, the best.

    • Thanks for your vote ~ Share this page far and wide.. We are aiming for high voter turn out.

    • Thanks for your vote ~ Share this page far and wide.. We are aiming for high voter turn out.

  • I like flower garden for its less “ordered” design- but if you join the heart corners it has a more “regular” pattern.

    • Thanks for your vote ~ Share this page far and wide.. We are aiming for high voter turn out.

  • I like the fun flower sunflower because the combination of sun, flowers and hearts is lovely! ☀️ 🌻 💕

    • thanks for your vote! Share this page far and wide! We are aiming for high voter turn out!!

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