Kathleen Tesnakis


Kathleen Tesnakis, founder of ekologic, Inc. has been a pioneering force in the Green Fashion Movement since 1996. Driven to change overconsumption and single-use ideology, Kathleen has personally transformed over 16 tons of post-consumer woolen garments into revisioned wearable art. Her company, ekologic, specializes in recycling post-consumer cashmere clothing into products that inspire eco-conscious living and empower self-expression. This remade cashmere is created by re-using locally sourced post-consumer textiles, thus eliminating reliance on virgin materials, chemical processing and excessive transportation. The ekologic studio operates as a circular design system where scrap waste trickles down to become heirloom treasures. All ekologic items are handmade in the Troy, NY studio and sold across the United States at juried art shows, galleries and online at www.ekologic.com. ekologic is ‘apparel revisioned for the benefit of people and planet.

Kathleen’s work has been worn to the White House for a power meeting with President Obama about climate policy, found in Antarctica on a new best friend, vaporized after 10 years of service to a Buddhist Lama and whisked away by owls during a peaceful hike. Celebrity sightings include Brad Pitt, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Catherine Keener and many more.

Awards include Best in Show Milwaukee Art Museum Lakefront Art Festival, Boca Museum Art Festival, Columbus Arts Festival, Award of Excellence - American Craft Council St. Paul.

Kathleen Tesnakis earned a BS in Textiles from Syracuse University. She was nominated as a ‘Rising Star’ by the CFDA, appeared on the cover of Organic Style Magazine, featured in Time Magazine, NY Times, USA Today, Tree Hugger, San Francisco Chronicle and Surface Design Magazine, to name a few.

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