Rags to Riches Summit 2023

By Crispina ffrench

  • More than a month has snuck by since our debut Rags to Riches Virtual Textile Upcycling Summit.  Are you still buoyed by the magic that culminated over those three days in April, too?

HONESTLY!  Rags to Riches Summit far surpassed my expectations.  

Leaders in the textile upcycling, recycling and reuse arena from all across the world shared their experience, ideas and know-how in a warm and welcoming, easy to navigate setting for three full days.  Authors, Entrepreneurs, Educators and Industry Professionals shined light on how we each have power to inform cultural and then global change.


Once it became completely clear that my team had worked out every detail, I relaxed into the TIME OF MY LIFE.  The months of research, discovery, meetings, reconnections, and interviews, the whole experience gave me a buzz and clarity around this being my life's purpose..  What a treat that I get to call this work!

It is hard to imagine how Rags to Riches is experienced from the other side of the screen, and the positive feedback, from pretty much all involved, keeps rolling in. Constructive criticism boiled down to more breaks during the day, and a more affordable option to attend.

Check and Check!  .  .  .  .     Oh, and CHECK!

This is what we have in store.  

  • As we dive into our 2023 event plan, rest assured that we are building in a more affordable option to attend. 
  • It is super easy to add a couple more breaks during each presentation day so that too will be implemented.

We are thinking that we MIGHT even add a second stage, enabling more presentations and more breaks.  What do you think about being able to pick who you want connect with during the event?  Of course all presentations are recorded.

Speaking of which, if you missed this magical event, Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Summit 2022, we gotchoo.  

Keep your eyes peeled for our RTR22 Recording Catalog available June 7th for just a few short days.  You can hop on our email list below to be first to know.

Oh and a couple things before I sign off: 

  1. Block off dates for Rags to Riches Virtual Textile Upcycling Summit 2023 on your calendar now.  You are definitely gonna want to be there... 2023 Dates are: May 17,18, and 19 2023  That is a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  2. Click that button below.  Get summit updates and be first to know when our RTR 2022 Recordings Catalog is available.  
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