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textile upcycling podcast with Crispina ffrench

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Crispina ffrench, OG upcycler and host of Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast

Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast

where environmental business school, ethical fashion, creative textile crafting, and notable high design are stitched together.

Are you ready to be inspired, energized, and supported?

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Episode 41 - August 21, 2023

Weaving an Upcycling Narrative with Shooting Star Boutique

Episode 40 - August 15, 2023

Community Over Competition in Stitcherhood Member-Taught Classes

Episode 39 - August 7, 2023

What’s New in Stitcherhood? Intentional Community for Textile Upcycling Entrepreneurs

Episode 38 - July 31, 2023

Eliu Hernandez Finds the Potential and Beauty in Used Materials

Episode 37 - July 10, 2023

Connecting Creatively with Bridget O’Flaherty, Canada’s Sustainable Quilter

Episode 36 - July 3, 2023

Rentrayage’s Conscientious Approach to Sustainable Fashion, Home Wares, and Beauty

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Rags to Riches

Textile Upcycling Podcast

shining light on BUILDing SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES THAT SUPPORT US, OUR COMMUNITIES AND our home PLANET TO INSPIRECELEBRATE, AND EDUCATE the value of highly creative, fun-loving, meaningful work

where like-minded creative ingenuity thrives:


A flourishing and inclusive community of engaged textile-centric upcycling makers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals connected by a creative passion to support the planet and live their dream.  Learn more and try out a 14-day free trial.

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