Rags to Riches Podcast Episode 40 – Stitcherhood Classes with Sondra and Crispina!

By Sylvia B

Textile Upcyclers aren’t like other creative entrepreneurs! In Stitcherhood, we value community over competition.

We’re back with another fresh new Rags to Riches Podcast episode about Stitcherhood – Crispina’s Recycling Society. This is our online community of textile upcycling business owners where like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to sustainable business practices spend time together learning, growing, and building each other up.

This podcast episode features Sondra Primeaux chatting with Crispina about her upcoming Scarf Kimono Workshop this Thursday, August 17, 2023. And about our member-taught classes in general and why we are STOKED about them!!

Online Workshop with Sondra Primeaux: Make a Jacket from Scarves

Learn more about Stitcherhood and join us when you’re ready to set a solid intention to grow your textile upcycling business.

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