Rags To Riches = Dream Come True

By Crispina ffrench

Headphones fill my head with uplift as my practiced hands gingerly pass blanket squares through the buzzing zig-zag needle of my trusty industrial sewing machine. 

I like to sew fast.  

Oooh the gratification…  my happy place, where my thoughts can swirl… Today, and often thoughts settle around a familiar inquiry that threads through my life.

‘How can I best promote global change in textile consumption?’ 

As I ponder, it's clear that being optimistic and knowing that I have the power to make global shift happen is rooted in the glorious uplifted state of being.  That state found at my sewing machine, with my playlist of the moment, and the support of family, friends, fans, followers, and collaborators across the textile reuse spectrum.

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, let me explain:

For over a decade, I have dreamt about gathering international textile upcycling/recycling leaders to brainstorm, inspire, and troubleshoot so that we can affect global reduction of textile consumption with creativity, fun and optimism.  

A gathering place to develop fresh new assured processes acknowledging that together we are stepping toward balance in our biosphere while knowing there is no productive place for the ‘guilty for being human’ mindset that pairs with powerless overwhelm.

Woot Woot! On April 20-22, 2022 that dream is coming true.  

RAGS TO RICHES, a virtual Textile Upcycling Summit encompases 3 solid days of inspiration, networking and know-how showcasing 20+ industry leaders makers and activists - sharing knowledge, connections, conversation in an accessible online setting.

Putting the event together is exhilarating. Each day another amazing connection, nod of support, or recognized presenter, sponsor or volunteer reaches out..  Emails are buzzing with teaching topics, tech help, fresh contacts and an resounding enthusiasm for this first-of-its-kind online summit. 

I'll be teaching a FREE mini workshop series to help you get the most from the summit in April. In the meantime, Early Bird tickets go on sale on Tuesday to help fund production and offer best pricing to the most loyal followers and committed changemakers.

Early Birds save $100 when tickets go on sale Tuesday, March 8 at 10am EST.  These special tickets will only be available until Friday, the 11th at midnight.  You can learn details about the event and the bonuses included with Early Bird ticket purchases here.   

Scroll down and leave a comment with what you would like to learn or have featured at RAGS TO RICHES.  Together we are building awareness and making good things happen in the world.  

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