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By Crispina ffrench

Have you heard about Rags To Riches Virtual Textile Upcycling Summit?  My team and I have been learning, connecting, networking, and work-working to put together a stellar, first-of-its-kind event to help reduce our textile-waste footprint on Planet Earth.

I have loved every aspect of bringing together an outstanding group of leaders in textile upcycling that will share their experience and ideas at Rags To Riches which begins tomorrow.  

As I write this butterflies flutter in my core as excitement builds….

In addition to the live high-jinx happening tomorrow through Friday, we are compiling a comprehensive directory listing all presenters and attendees so that staying in touch and collaborating is just a little easier.  

Each listing in the Rags To Riches Directory includes all the typical contact deets as well as each textile upcycler's material needs/availability, links to websites and social media, a short bio and profile picture.

This is just the beginning… in the coming weeks Rags To Riches Directory will be available to all.  It will be housed within Stitcherhood, so as long as you are a member there you will get a free listing and maintain access.  

This is a great example of how each member enhances the experience of the group.  

Like most of the projects around here - your input really helps us serve you better.  Does this sound helpful to you?  Scroll down and leave your thoughts… How would you use a resource like this?  What would be most helpful about it?


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