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LOOM for making Potholder Rugs



Crispina’s Potholder Rug Looms are simple and rustic. These finished looms come disassembled and are easy to put together. This comes with an easy-to-follow assembly video.  You can easily assemble and disassemble the looms for ease of storage or for shipping. Strong and durable, they come in 3 sizes.

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The large loom makes approx. 30″x 40″ (75cm x 100cm) Potholder Rugs (perfect for in front of the kitchen sink or entryway)

The medium loom makes approx. 21″x 30″ (50cm x 75cm) Potholder Rugs (think bathmat)

The small loom makes approx. 15″x 15″ (38cm x 38cm) Potholder Rug Squares (chair pads or components for bigger rugs)


Potholder Rugs are made just like the little potholders you might have made as a child — just a lot bigger.

When I first introduced Potholder Rugs to the marketplace back in 1990 people went kinda nuts ~ Oh My Goodness! It is a giant potholder! And then when they walked on them -ESPECIALLY with bare feet, they were sold. Now it has been 30 years and you know what? I am still using the very first potholder rug known to planet Earth. It made its debut as my bedroom carpet, then did a stint in my son, Ben’s nursery when he was just a little one. Admittedly the first-ever Potholder Rug is a just a little faded now, having spent its last year in the sun-drenched meeting room at my studio. Still as cheerful and comfy as ever – and made completely from materials that were not being used for other products in my collection. Potholder Rugs can actually be made from any stretchy used clothing.

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