#1 Tip for Keeping Moths OUT of Your Closet

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By Crispina ffrench

Each year as Spring turns into Summer I pack my cold weather clothing away and bust out, from the top shelf in our closet, all clothing stored there designed for comfort in our warmer season.  

Raise your hand if you have ever unpacked your sweaters (or jumpers) as the nights regain a chill in late summer only to find them devoured by flipping MOTHS! 

Wanna know a pretty easy trick that really helps to keep those little buggers at bay? Store your wool and cashmere clean….  I am always surprised by how many people out there really don't know that is is actually quite easy to hand wash clothing so I took the opportunity to make a super fun and informative little booklet titled Washing Your Woolies explaining the process. 

Click here to download and then print a single page that turns into a super cute, informative and fun tiny-book.  

Additionally you will need these instructions on exactly how to turn your single page printout into a little 8-page book.  It is super easy - nearly magical actually.  No staples or stitches needed, just print the pdf, fold and snip and fold and VOILĂ€.

Make a copy of Washing Your Woolies and stash it in your laundry room for future reference. (Check the link above for booklet making instructions.)


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