Managing the Monkey Wrench

By Crispina ffrench

Spending this first month of the year diving deep into planning mode for what is to come in the next 12 months is nourishing and calming, while also being super duper exciting!  

If you have been around for a while you might have used this time in a similar way, laying the ground work with enough flexibility to roll with the magic that will unfold along the way.

This begins with choosing a single word for focus for the new year, followed by some pretty deep introspection that I like to call ‘Braindumping’. Allowing all your thoughts and ideas for the upcoming year to flow out of your head opens space for clarity.


You can more easily sift and sort your ideas when they are on paper or screen to cut and paste or even delete!

Simmering excitement bubbles over when I know that all my deepest desires and dreams are part of the plan. Before getting too amped up, let’s just acknowledge how EASY it is to get bumped off track by those inevitable monkey wrenches that get thrown into the best laid plans.  

The first ‘monkey-wrench’ of 2022 appeared on the 12th, when my daughter Lucy came home from school with Covid.  From that day til this, we have been quarantined at home, being super careful to keep the Covid cooties to ourselves.

Of course, Chris, Violet and I followed suit in quick succession with fever, chills, headaches the works.  

Rather than letting this sidetrack me, I have been able to rest, and take care of myself and the family while staying keenly aware of my desires and focused on moving forward.

My vision board, accountability partners, and commitment to both are my trifecta for 2022. 

Accountability partners can come in many forms. Each Sunday afternoon my two good friends and I have a 90 minute zoom meeting to plan our weeks. 60 minutes of uninterrupted time is part of that time to get our plan in place for the week.

Do you have an accountability partner or group? How does that work for you? Are you looking for an accountability practice?

Plans are coming together for adding an accountability session to our weekly event-plan in Stitcherhood Collaborators. (Stitcherhood is our membership community for textile upcycling entrepreneurs.)

Scroll down and leave a comment. Share if you are interested in adding something like this to your weeks, or how your accountability partnership works (or doesn’t work)

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