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stitch-a-long 3.0

SAL3.0 is a collaborative textile-upcycling fundraiser, hosted by Crispina ffrench supporting the construction of a quilting studio in Gee's Bend, Alabama.

Here's the Skinny:

- 50 participants from across the globe made a quilt square from a kit or from their own recycled fabrics using our collaboratively designed pattern. 

- Completed squares are sent to Austin, Texas to be compiled into a finished quilt top by Sondra Primeaux of

- When the quilt top is completed Sondra passes it on to Mary Margaret Pettway in Gee's Bend to do the actual quilting and complete the quilt.

- Donations to Mary Margaret's Quilting Studio Fund are accepted by clicking the 'DONATE' buttons on this page. (Click here for details.)

- Donors will get email updates as our collaborative Stitch-a-Long 3.0 quilt comes together.  (We expect the quilt to be finished before the year is out.)

- One very lucky donor on our list will be chosen at random to receive the culmination of our work.  A gorgeous, handmade queen-size quilt.

- Mary Margaret will have a studio where she and her friends can comfortably make bed-sized quilts and carry their legacy forward.

Support and honor the generational contribution Gee's Bend Quilters continue to make to our textile upcycling heritage and help create worthy workspace for their legacy.

The donation process

- Click any of the DONATE buttons on this page.

- Fill out the form that pops up.

- Submitting the form we will add you to our roster, once with any donation amount.


- The donation page will pop up - YAY!

- Pay your donation via Venmo (which goes directly to Mary Margaret Pettway) 


- Send a personal check to the address provided.

- Keep your eyes on your inbox for SAL3.0 updates.

- When the quilt is complete, one very lucky donor will be chosen at random to receive the culmination of our work.  A gorgeous, handmade queen-size quilt.

Stitch-a-Long 3.0 is no ordinary type of fundraiser.  

Gee's Bend Quilters are internationally celebrated quilt artists for 5 generations and counting... 

Contributions include high fashion collaborations, US Postal Service Stamp collection, and more

Their median annual household income is $16,000 (!)

  • Greg Lauren Collaboration Mosaic : Gee’s Bend and Greg Lauren, is a collaboration between 14 quilters from Gee's Bend and Greg Lauren, celebrating the ingenious artwork by the women of this community. 
  • Chloé Collaboration The Gee’s Bend community in Alabama are renowned for their exceptional artisanal skills in quilting which have been passed down through generations over the last two hundred years.
SAL 3.0 Teaching team

Crispina ffrench

Textile upcycling OG. Artist, entrepreneur and podcast host who's mission is to change human textile consumption by celebrating creativity and building truly sustainable textile upcycling businesses.

Mary Margaret Pettway

Fourth generation Gee's Bend Quilter, Board Chair at Souls Grown Deep, public speaker, high fashion brand collaborator, and production sewing facility manager.

Sondra Primeaux

Upcycle designer/maker and a vintage textile collector at The Unruffled.  Board member at Austin Creative Reuse, photographer and upcycling activist. 

Let's celebrate, honor and respect the contribution Gee's Bend Quilters have made to our shared textile upcycling heritage. Stitch-a-Long 3.0 is designed to raise awareness of the Gee's Bend Quilters' legacy AND their ongoing lack of financial security.  Your donation will help ensure a future for the Gee's Bend Quilting tradition.  Every donation is appreciated.