Take the No New Clothes Pledge

By Crispina ffrench

As a Re/Make ambassador, I am a proud part of a growing movement building awareness of our personal AND global textile consumption.  

Hidden facets of exploitation are involved in every aspect of our global fashion industry.  Did you know that cotton is the most intensely sprayed crop in commercial farming?  True story. (You definitely don’t want to be eating cottonseed oil!)

Here’s another one, The fossil fuel industry produces enough polyester fabric to wrap the planet 1000 times EACH YEAR.  
Garment production involves a person at a sewing machine stitching cut fabric shapes together in most-often sweatshop conditions at sub-poverty wages.  

All of this environmental and human exploitation makes it possible for us to buy a pair of leggings for $10 at Walmart, Target, or Shein.  When you buy clothing that is inexpensive you can rest assured that the person who made your clothes was not paid fairly (or at all).

What is the solution you ask?

The solution is to assess what you actually need.  

From the research I have done over the last 30+ years, it is fair to say that most people in the USA have excessive amounts of clothing.  Personally, I could live the rest of my days without purchasing a single additional garment….

Can you relate?  Is that true for you too?

You might already know that the average United States citizen tosses over 80 lbs of clothing each year. 

So stop a minute.  

Stop incessant buying of cheap, poor quality clothing made by exploited people.  

Take a step back and give yourself, your closet, and the planet a break this summer.

Join me for the third annual No New Clothes Pledge and accompanying challenge.  Can you go for 90 days without buying any new clothing?  The challenge culminates on September 1.  All the details you need, the formal place to make your pledge and a long FAQ list is here on Re/Make’s website

If you are game to make this summer one of no new clothes, take the pledge here and then share in the comments below.  I'd love to add 20 people to the challenge.  Can we do it? 

Together we can support and empower each other, compassionately educate our friends and family with our actions, and curb the tidal wave of textile waste.




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