Invest in Envisioning at Rags to Riches Summit

By Crispina ffrench

One of the things that I never did when first starting my business was to stop and envision what I wanted it to become.

Envisioning, Mindset Calibration, and Identifying Stepping Stones are integral in creating your ideal lifestyle....  but I didn't know that in 1987.  I was 19 and just really excited about my money making discovery....  didn't even really know it was a business at first.

Once I graduated from Mass Art, business growth was organic and super-charged by an explosion in demand.  I was elated to be buoyed along in the fast-paced current.  Glossy magazine features, TV show appearances, Awards and Speaking engagements had me employing 40 people two years after graduating art school.

The buzz was real!

But then what?

I had never thought about how to maintain momentum or what do to if I had to step away, or even how to build a manageable work schedule.  Taking steps back, taking time away from putting out the daily fires that erupted never felt possible.  ENVISIONING exactly what I wanted never really crossed my mind until I felt trapped in a job that was not serving me.

ENVISIONING is imperative to creating a truly sustainable business....

      A truly sustainable business is one that:
  • Is inspiring to run and supports an established or unfolding value structure
  • Generates a desired income
  • Supports an ideal lifestyle 
  • Nurtures planet earth
  • Values those who make it work

The Rags to Riches Summit is right around the corner, May 17-19, 2023.  It is FREE and completely virtual, featuring over 30 leaders in the global textile upcycling arena sharing their knowledge and experience.  


While it is completely free to attend, you are able to add value by purchasing The Rags to Riches Summit Golden Thread VIP Success Kit.  This upgrade includes all sorts of pretty AWESOME and super valuable BONUSES, that you can learn all about when registering.  (Once you register for FREE, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase our Golden Thread VIP Success Kit and access amazing BONUSES.)

The Golden Thread VIP Success Kit BONUS I want to focus on here is the Rags to Riches Summit LUNCHTIME LIVE SERIES.  Each day of the summit, for 45 minutes during our nearly 2 hour meal break, our VIPs get a chance to dial in to workshop and implement an ENVISIONING series hosted by me, Crispina ffrench.  The Rags to Riches Summit kicks off on Wednesday, May 17.  Our LUNCHTIME LIVE session that day, entitled, Identifying Success sets the stage for your ideal destination.

Thursday, May 18, The Mindset Advantage helps to identify where you might have blocks, or limits your belief system.  We will unearth ways see where your limiting beliefs are held and options for addressing and removing blocks and limitations.

Friday’s LUNCHTIME LIVE session wraps up our mini-series with Flipping Dreams (to Attainable Goals).  A session that will help take the beauty you have envisioned and turn it into stepping stones, each one, on the path you have established toward your envisioned ideal life.

As a VIP, you will walk away with a clear path and tools to keep the path clear as you continue to develop your textile upcycling business in a truly sustainable way, hitting your income, impact and lifestyle goals.  

As my friend Heather Campbell says, If you don’t know where you are going, how are you going to know when you arrive?  Well, you can think of The Rags to Riches Summit VIP LUNCHTIME LIVE Sessions as GPS for your textile upcycling biz.  

Once you have registered, be sure to choose the Golden Thread VIP Success Kit to gain access to
The Rags to Riches Summit LUNCHTIME LIVE sessions.

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