Fresh Options

Demin Recycling

By Crispina ffrench

Getting clear on just what you want in your life is tricky business, especially if you are an entrepreneur running around ‘putting out fires’. 
For the first 10 years of my business things were a little dicey with over-the-top rapid growth, national awards, international press, big brand collaborations and trend-setting eco-recognition.
Never, during all of those years, did I sit down and think about what I wanted. I did not evaluate what worked well and what was not working for me as an entrepreneur, a mom, sister, friend, and daughter.  Looking back it’s clear that my lack of ability to see above the daily grind kept me from thriving in the ways that I have found success in more recent years. 

I never considered the options – Honestly, I didn’t even know there were options.

Fast forward 33 years.  As I write this, exactly 33 years have passed since my very first ‘year-end’ in business.  Now I understand just how important it is to take time to check in, ascertain what about a business serves and what needs to change.   It is actually possible to make changes to nurture yourself and attain your deepest desires. When I was knee deep for those first 10 years it seemed completely impossible to redirect my path.  It seemed as though I was hurdling headlong down a very narrow fenced path, destination – unknown.

Thinking things through, imagining a range of outcomes, and aiming for the one that works best for you will ripple out and serve those around you better too.  Time invested in this process saves 10X hours mis-spent on that quick and narrow ‘inescapable’ path of hurdles.

If you are ready to take a close look at what you want to Do Differently and acknowledge all the things that Went Well in 2021, join me for my live sessions every Tuesday at 11am EST (for 2022).  This week I’ll be sharing more about setting yourself up for success in this new year.  

Additionally, you can give yourself a well deserved gift and make a path toward your desires concrete with my Vision Boarding Webinar on January 17 at 3:30pm EST. This is a hands-on get-it-done kinda webinar – Once you register I’ll send you directives to help get you prepared for a super fun and constructive 90 minutes that is sure to kick 2022 off with unprecedented clarity.


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