Envisioning January

By Crispina ffrench

Is your January jam packed with introspection, dreaming, conjuring, appreciating, acknowledging and envisioning?

Mine is and I LOVE it!

For years I didn’t allow myself the time to imagine what I wanted from my business, myself, and my family. I didn’t take time to assess, evaluate, plan and pivot.

Ever since I set the month of January aside to make a solid gameplan for the following 12 months my goals have been achieved, desires attained and life calm, more manageable even.

When I remember back to the chaotic improvisation that was my path for oh-so-many years, there is a fleeting moment when that familiar under-current of panic returns. That is when I KNOW that my January focus is exactly right for me. 


Glad THAT unwieldy part is over - I have made that commitment to myself.

Where do you fall on the CHAOS spectrum?

Do you have clarity around what you want in your life? What went well in 2021 and what you would like to do differently in this still fresh new year?

The work is not hard, it is actually so super simple. The hardest part is just allowing yourself the time to do it.

Share where your thoughts and struggles in the comments.

If you are like me, you might just need and accountability girlfriend mixed with motivation coach.

I am over here willing to be just that for you. The world deserves to share in YOUR magic!

We can get started with my Vision Boarding Workshop happening on MLK Day. That is January 17th at 3:30pm EST on Zoom. You can learn more about it here or just get right down to registering here.


If you sign up for 7-Day free trial over at Stitcherhood (I think you will LOVE it and want to stick around but it is super easy to unsubscribe if it is just not for you). Once signed on for your free trial, you can get the super special pricing members get for the Workshop.

Hope you are ready to ROCK your 2022. Together we can have a whole bunch of fun and make shift happen.

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