End Your Year with Joy

Demin Recycling

By Crispina ffrench

Are you running around frantically finalizing plans for the next 10 days?
Hey, this is also my busy season. I sew wool sweaters and blankets. I make calendars. I host an online textile recycling community called Stitcherhood.

As we get into crunch time, check out these 3 top gift-giving tips so you don’t lose your mind.

  1. Enough is Enough.  Don’t fall prey to expert marketing designed to convince you that you need to add to your thoughtfully planned gift giving.  (If you are not a planner and are doing your gift gathering last minute, take time to list who and what you are gifting and stay focused.)
  2. Don’t Overspend.  It is easy to get caught up in the end of year frenzy and purchase more than is comfortable for your bank account.  This can create ongoing stress that is avoidable with careful planning, list making and focus.  
  3. Consciously Consume.  Ask yourself these 3 simple questions to ensure you are being environmentally thoughtful about what are you gifting.  
    • Is it homemade, handmade or well made? designed to last? repairable and eventually, will it decompose or recycle? 
    • Who made it? Where? Are they fairly paid and respected?
    • Will the gift be well-received? is there a membership, an outing or adventure alternative that would be easier on the planet? 

God knows we all have enough ‘stuff’ and could use our time better by hopping off our phones/computers to connect with the most important people in our lives and the things that set joy and connection in our path.  The traditional end-of-year gift-giving frenzy presents an opportunity to build new and more nurturing traditions.  Send a thoughtful card, make time for a conversive phone call, plan a winter hike with a warm thermos to share, take a class or join a membership together…

This year, most everything I have ordered for my kids and hubby is on the S L O W boat.  Rather than stressing, we are planning to share daily gifts from Solstice to the New Year – might just become our new tradition.

Do you have an ideal tradition to put into place for your end of year celebrations? Share in the comments – you’ll inspire others in the process


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