Elle Litiatco is Sticking to her Core Beliefs

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By Crispina ffrench

Have you seen Ellerali!?  

You gotta check out this fly upcycled brand based in LA.  

Ellerali popped across my path while researching textile upcycling entrepreneurs, artists, authors, movers and shakers for the annual Rags to Riches Summit.  Elle Litiatco is the creative force behind the brand.  Her designs are super wearable and original.  Her infectious enthusiasm and drive to build her business while remaining steadfast in her values is honorable.  She's vocal, effervescent and rocketing her biz with All Birds All Good Collective, competing in Fuse TV’s Recycle Nation, and continuing to make and show her work at select events and venues.  Ellerali is my guest this coming week on Rags to Riches Podcast, new episodes are released on Monday mornings.  Elle dives into what makes her tick, what she sees in her future and how we can work together to really change consumption in Episode 9 of Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast.

Check out Ellerali at the links above, listen Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast Ep. 9 and leave a comment with your biggest take-away.


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