Consistency Across the Board

Business of Textile Alchemy

By Crispina ffrench

Our focus around here this week is CONSISTENCY… Being consistent is one of the fundamental foundations used to grow a textile upcycling business.

Reusing textiles for production introduces a set of variables, adding one-of-a-kind value, nostalgia, and richness of history AND inconsistencies in color, fabric quality, wear, size, and material availability. 

It is especially important to be consistent with things you can control so that your customers know what to expect, counting on you to deliver the thing they love about you and your product.  Once it becomes a habit, being consistent simplifies sourcing, production, and communication.  

Here is a laundry list textile upcycling-centric things that are simply more efficient and effective when done consistently.  The list might seem long but let me tell ya that putting ‘consistency guardrails’ in place keeps focus, while removing wonder and time consuming decision making.  On top of that, being consistent helps your audience know, like, and trust you which, in time, will convert your friends fans and followers into paying customers.

Are you ready?

CONSISTENCY LIST – in no particular order:

  • Product Quality – construction technique and finish)
  • Sizing – no matter what your product is, consistent sizing helps customers understand how to purchase
  • Pricing 
  • Reused Raw Material, think level of wear, holes, stains, other imperfections…
  • Consistent Suppliers = more consistent material
  • Fiber Content
  • Subject Matter – for your online content
  • Schedule – for connecting with your audience
    • Social media posting schedule
    • Blog posts
    • Email communication
  • Your Voice – tone, emotion, cadence and communication style.
  • Website 
  • Branding – consistent logo, tag-line, colors, product presentation, voice…
  • Customer Service 
  • Shipping – packaging, turn-around, charges
  • Brand Story – your ‘hero’s journey’

Whether you are in your business development stage or an established entity, building consistency into your brand will simplify decision-making, take less time, and add to your bottom line. 


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