Gee’s Bend – Birthplace of American Textile Upcycling

By Crispina ffrench

Have you voted for our Stitch-a-Long 3.0 Design? 

Maybe you are wondering what that even means…

Well, let me fill you in a little.

To keep things simple, you can learn all about how Stitch-a-Long with Crispina events work over here.  

Vote for the design you like best on Facebook, Instagram, Stitcherhood, and right here in Ragtimes.  We encourage voting early and often.  Each vote, share, and forward helps build awareness of this important project.  The more people who vote, who know about this fundraiser, the more money we can raise.


One lucky voter will be chosen at random to win a FREE spot at the Stitch-a-Long ($97 value, PRICELESS experience).

“Polling stations” on FacebookInstagramStitcherhood, and right here in Ragtimes  close on Sunday July 17, 2022 at midnight EST.

To reiterate, we are looking for high voter turn out over here so please take a minute to share with your quilt loving friends.  When voting on Facebook and Instagram, tag your quilty peeps and get them to vote too.

See this project is a fundraiser for Gee’s Bend.  I personally think it’s kind of a crime that even with quilts in over 20 prestigious museums around the world, Gee’s Bend Quilters do not have a studio worthy of their place in our textile upcycling heritage.  

Mary Margaret Pettway, a presenter in the first annual Rags To Riches Textile Upcycling Summit back in April (2022) and I got chatting about her dream to have a studio big enough to spread out and work on big pieces.  

The more I’ve learned about the Gee’s Bend community, the more vexing it is to know that even with all that international museum prestige and high-design attention, Gee’s Bend Quilters work hard at jobs that keep them from being able to share their sacred quilting gifts and create in comfort and well-earned glory.  Four or five generations in, simple pleasures are still being overlooked.    

For god’s sake, Gee’s Bend IS the birthplace of North American Textile Upcycling.  The Quilters of Gee’s Bend deserve to have what is needed to create their magic in comfort.  Seems like EVERY museum that has shown Gee’s Bend Quilts could have supported this community better.  

I cannot stay incensed for long.  It just feels a whole lot better to do something.  So Stitch-a-Long 3.0 came to be... and YOU can participate - 100% of the proceeds go directly to the construction of the Gee's Bend quilting studio.  

With your help, we can honor and support the Quilters of Gee’s Bend in a way that they desire, and right now, they desire a quilting studio.  

So please, do vote for your favorite design, get your quilty friends to vote too, share this post on your social media and send it in emails.  Together we can build momentum….  and a quilting studio in Boykin, Alabama.  

Join our ANNOUNCEMENT PARTY when the winning design will be revealed ~ Monday July 18th at 3pm EST at a super FUN and FREE 30-minute gathering when one lucky voter will be chosen at random for a FREE spot in the Stitch-a-Long
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