By Crispina ffrench

A fresh start graces each new year with the calendar reset and everything else that begins again.

Do you love that fresh feeling as much as I do?

This year I picked a word for the year – and you know what my word is?


That is how much I love that feeling.Exhale the old and inhale all the glistening freshness that is bubbling up over here.

Each day I have been leaning into my trusty toolbox full of everything needed to keep me on that ‘Fresh’ ‘straight and narrow’.You know what is in my toolbox?

  • a whole-hearted commitment to my aspirations,
  • a vision board to remind me of my aspirations
  • a big fat dose of accountability
  • my running shoes

If you have been around a while you know that each month there is a theme to help move us along the path toward the things we want to bring in to our lives and businesses.This month our theme is Accountability and it comes in many forms.

There are accountability friends, partners, groups, apps, and books.

One accountability method that is often overlooked is being accountable to yourself. New concept for a lot of us. The idea of removing a need for outside connection to do, what you know, is best for yourself and the planet doles out heaping spoonfuls of accomplishment.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the shared connection with my accountability peeps but knowing you can identify your aspirations, set goals, and attain them without the need for outside goading or pushing feels pretty empowering – an accomplishment in itself.

Accomplishment is motivating.

Being accountable leads to accomplishment and THAT is refreshing, and right now, refreshing feels pretty amazing.

Do you have an accountability practice? Scroll down and leave a comment, there is so much to share and learn.

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