Hi, I'm Crispina ffrench. I'm in the business of helping recycled textile artists become successful entrepreneurs.

I am an environmental optimist and textile alchemist upcycling discarded clothing and manufacturers’ waste since my college days in the 80’s.  It all started when working my way through art school, prompted by a need to make money around two other jobs and a full-time class schedule; oh and a deep love of making with my hands and reverence of our natural environment.

Ragamuffins got me through art school, setting me on my magical, life-long self-employment path.  I'm not gonna lie, the path has not always been smooth.  After realizing I was eligible for food stamps (while employing 40 people) I decided it was time to get serious about making money.

Building awareness of our textile waste problem without blame, anxiety, or panic; Promoting environmental support that nurtures us humans too; Inspiring others to wrap their heads around the effect of their consumption, but more, the effect of their positive action, are the things that rock my world most, oh and making money.

I have:

  • Collaborated with Patagonia in 1995 pioneering manufacturers’ waste recovery.
  • Been awarded the SBA Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 1996.
  • Planted trees in British Columbia.
  • Eaten ice cream with Ben and Jerry.
  • Run a recycling manufacturing company for 22 years supplying 350 stores around the world.
  • Sold Elio Fiorucci my product for his boutiques.
  • Been kissed by Carly Simon who loves my blankets.
  • Sold a sweater to Dave Matthews.
  • Milked a goat.
  • Meditated with Ram Dass.
  • Authored a teaching book: The Sweater Chop Shop.
  • Waited on Steven Tyler, and Robert Parrish.
  • Developed Eileen Fisher’s ReNew Program resulting in Green Eileen and Irvington's Tiny Factory.
  • Ate Canadian Thanksgiving with First Nation People on a tiny island off the coast of British Columbia.  Pelting rain, no electricity, delectable gourmet meal and magical company.
  • Sold Timberland 100% post-consumer Holiday Décor for their brick and mortar stores in 2005.
  • Danced all night with Mountain Girl (not the sweetie with the upcycled clothing co.).
  • Rode the Greyhound coast to coast and the train across Canada - twice.
  • Had my work featured on Sundance, Will and Grace, and Seinfeld.
  • Spent 10 days at Burning Man.
  • Walked across the city of Havana at night with my 7 year old son piggy-back.
  • Got miracled VIP Bonaroo tickets where I saw Stevie Wonder play Superstitious while dancing on his piano bench.
  • Employed 40 People beginning at age of 23.
  • Partied with Dr. John, Drank coffee with Bonnie Raitt, Boogied with Taj Mahal, had a pint with John Prine and been mistaken for Karen Allen.
  • Road my bike down Broadway with my kid in a bike basket. (We had helmets.)
  • Sold a blanket to Seth Rogan and didn’t know who he was (doh!).
  • Three beautiful kids, a sweet hubby, horses, dogs, cats and chickens.
  • The BEST family anyone could ask for and friends who have gotten me through.
  • Been blessed to live the dream and I want you to know that you can do that too.

When we realize the sublime value in all people, discarded fabric, and everything we already have, that value is actualized.


You can make money with your textile upcycling business and I am going to show you how:

Create a successful upcycling business that expands your reach, up-levels your income, and supports the planet so that you can live the meaningful life of your dreams.

Summer 2022

Stitch-A-Long (SAL)


Participants make a quilt square.  Technique is taught in 3 hour-long sessions.  Squares are returned and expertly turned into a magical quilt by our co-host Mary Margaret Pettway of Gee's Bend Alabama.  No experience necessary but should be able to easily follow directions.  


The Stitcherhood 


A flourishing and inclusive community of engaged textile-centric upcycling makers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals connected by a creative passion to support the planet and live their dream.  Learn more and try out a 7 day free trial.


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