8 Ways to Save the Holidays

By Crispina ffrench

As we sprint full-tilt boogie toward year’s end with all the traditional gift-giving that happens at this time of year I am thinking…

Can we make this a little more fun, a little less stressful, and a whole lot easier on our home planet? 

Here are 8 things to consider:

1.     Make some of your gifts. (Send a handmade card, homemade cookies, soups or ornaments – scrappy is the new perfect, you know.)

2.     Hunt for meaningful secondhand, vintage and antique gifts. (This can add fun to your travels all year, keep a list on your phone with ideas and finds)

3.     Wrap your gifts in colorful cloth napkins adding an extra surprise that can be used everyday, plus, you might convert them in the process.

4.     Shop Small and Local – support entrepreneurial makers, farmers, restaurants, and purveyors.  Supporting your local economy builds friendships and THAT leads to healthy community. God knows we need community more than ever.

5.     Skip the gift and share appreciation and time.  We have so much more ‘stuff’ than we need AND the benefits of spending time with people we love, start in the moment and ripple on for dayz….

6.     Experience oriented gifts can bring you and your gift recipient together to share high-jinx, be it a haircut, movie, lunch, or??? Add the event your fond memory bank.

7.     Donate to charity in your recipient’s name.  Choose an organization that speaks closely to your recipient. Then send along a handmade card to tell them what you have done.

8.     Avoid cheaply made crap that is going to break or tear and wind up in the landfill before the new year closes, but you knew that already – right?

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