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Design a thriving upcycled textile business. 

I'm in the business of helping creative textile upcyclers become successful entrepreneurs in a way that's meaningful to them and the world.

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Did you miss Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Summit in May 2023? 

It was super AMAZING!  

We are taking 2024 to boost and enhance Stitcherhood - the online community for anyone interested in conscious textile reuse, recycling, +/or upcycling.    

The Rags to Riches Summit returns in 2025 - SAVE THE DATES April 3-5, 2025

"As humans, we have a sacred duty to bring our home planet into environmental balance.  Committing to doing that joyfully, nourishes our lives with creative potential."

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There is a movement addressing global textile waste with creative ingenuity

Who I work with and how I help

Whether you are: a forward thinking fiber focused crafter looking for connection to a like-minded community, an environmentally passionate textile-centric entrepreneur looking to grow or build your upcycling enterprise, or a fashion industry professional aspiring to move beyond green-washing and make a real difference, here you will find creative ways to address our textile waste crisis with collaborative optimism, your careful consumption and community.

Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Podcast with Crispina ffrench


Are you ready to be inspired & energized? Rags to Riches inspires global change with shared stories for creative textile environmentalism. 

Introducing THRIVES in Stitcherhood


A community of textile upcycling entrepreneurs who share a passion for addressing global textile waste with creative reuse.

Rags to Riches Textile Upcycling Summit Presenters


The 2023 Rags to Riches Summit has wrapped. Over 40 presenters, 1800+ registrants, 3 days of inspiration! Don't miss the Summit in 2024!

Hi, I'm Crispina. I'm in the business of helping recycled textile artists become successful entrepreneurs.

I'm a recycled textile activist, industry professional, and entrepreneur who has dedicated my life to using sustainable materials and recycling textiles. I've been doing this work for more than 30 years...long before any even uttered the words, "up-cycling" or "eco."

My ultimate goal is to reduce global textile waste and show others how to do it too. I've worked with some of the biggest names in textiles: Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, Crate and Barrel and Timberland, and share everything I know with recycled textile artists so they can become successful entrepreneurs. And save the world at the same time.

Let me help you outfit yourself and studio

You can purchase my 100% handmade 1:1 upcycled clothing, home goods and accessories as well as the finest tools for textile reuse, here, and at a handful of shopping events throughout the year.  Hop on my mailing list for announcements.


What people have to say about working with me:

Katie George

I took a week-long workshop on how to use old clothes to make new outfits. It took me a while to get the hang of Crispina’s brave and bold way of handling old clothes but her warm and enthusiastic demonstrations have changed my life! Since then I have made many more fun and practical pieces of clothing and home decor items on my own. And am so grateful for her inspiration, kind guidance, and high ideals.

Susan Aronoff

Crispina: your workshop exceeded all of my expectations… you are a wonderful teacher, a special mix of knowledge and warmth. 

Anne Bialik

Working with Crispina, is without a doubt, the BEST thing I have ever done for me. 

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